Orecho HONDA

Artist / Gallery4830 Director

1977 Born in Fukuoka, Japan
Graduated from the Fashion Design course at Musashino Art University's Faculty of Spatial and Display Design in Tokyo.

Orecho HONDA is an artist who, through his diverse experiences as a rock band member, illustrator, designer, and artist, has arrived at the concept of "The Journey to Self-Transcendence," born from the tension between self-denial and self-affirmation. Starting from the insights I have gleaned through my research into self-development, spirituality, quantum mechanics, and more, I choose as the themes of my work the thoughts, words, and ways of perceiving that foster a positive mental attitude, as well as fragments of imagination, and I reflect these elements in my artistic expression.

My pieces, which are influenced by rock music, Japanese pop culture, and street fashion, include the "Face Series,” and "Orecho Series,” that incorporate elements of anime and manga, as well as the graphically vibrant "Stardust Camouflage Series," and "Step by Step Series." I am currently focusing on the "Glitter of Something Special Series," which is based on the theme "We can change the world's colors depending on how we look at it,". By using holographic materials that do not limit color, I create pieces that allow viewers to directly experience the theme. In this series, while focusing on the element of "Glitter" that is evident throughout my previous works, I visually express a world where color can change depending on one's perspective, drawing motifs of familiar landscapes and plants with the aim of providing viewers with a new perspective.

My artist name "Orecho" (in Japanese, "Ore" means "Yourself" and "cho" means "Go beyond") is a term I coined from the concept of "Going beyond yourself,". It also serves as a word symbolizing my creative attitude and the worldview I aim for.


Started my career as an illustrator and designer.
I worked on illustrations and designs for official goods of major artists.
I also create websites, logos, and graphic designs for companies and organizations.

2005 Began own career as an artist.
2009 iPhone App(my artworks) [ takao honda ] Release. Featured on AppStore.
2011 My original character [ Orecho ] was born.
2012 Solo Exhibition [ Dig it! ] IAF SHOP* Fukuoka Japan
2013 Solo Exhibition [ Thank You-! (FUCA Exhibition vol.02) ] FUCA BASE Fukuoka Japan
2014 Group show & Event [ TENJIN LABO FOLLOW THE TRACKS ] FUKUOKA PARCO Fukuoka Japan
2014 The Art and Design office, [ ORECHO STUDIO ] was established.
2016 Played the leading character in Independent film [ Sentimental Journey - Asakura Gento Roman ]
2019 Started director of Gallery4830 in Fukuoka Japan.
2020 Two man show [ Gallery4830mix vol.01 ] Gallery4830 Fukuoka Japan
2021 Picture book [ Night Night ] was produced.
2021 Public Exhibition [ Fukuoka Wall Art Project ] Awarded a prize.
2021 Prize-Winning Exhibition [ AFAF2021 ] Hakata Hankyu Fukuoka Japan
2021 [ Fukuoka Wall Art Project ] prize-winning artwork was displayed in front of Hakata Station in a temporary enclosure for the reconstruction of the Nishi-Nippon City Bank.
2021 NFT [ Step by Step Series ] on sale.
2021 Public Exhibition [ SHIBUYA ART AWARDS 2021 ] Awarded a prize.
2021 Prize-Winning Exhibition [ SHIBUYA ART AWARDS 2021 ] space428 Tokyo Japan
2022 Picture book [ Night Night ] was published.
2022 Solo Exhibition [ Glitter of something special ] Gallery4830 Fukuoka Japan
2023 Public Selected Solo Exhibition [ Orecho HONDA ✕ SUC ] Startup Cafe Fukuoka Japan

Participated in many other group exhibitions and events.

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