Orecho HONDA

Contemporary Artist

Born in Fukuoka, Japan
Graduated from the Fashion Design course at Musashino Art University's Faculty of Spatial and Display Design in Tokyo.

The theme of my artworks is based on a positive mental attitude and the way of thinking that leads to it.
This foundation is grounded in insights and awareness from the fields of fashion, rock music,design, spirituality, Buddhist thought, and quantum mechanics. In the process of expressive activities, the necessary information and salvation thoughts and words become the themes and compose several series of my artworks. Each series, while having different expressions, expresses the existence of diverse worlds based on the element of "glitter." The basic concept of my creation lies in continually challenging myself to go beyond my limits. The word "Orecho" (in Japanese, "Ore" means "Yourself" and "cho" means "Go beyond") in the artist's name is also symbolic of the concept.

The current main theme of my production, "The Reality Shaped by Perspectives," was inspired by an interest in the visualization of diverse perspectives in modern society. In my search for expression, I was influenced by the multi-viewpoint expression of Cubism, and arrived at the idea of "Choosing Perspectives," myself, capturing the world and phenomena from multiple perspectives. From there, the "Glitter of Something Special Series," was born.

This series adopts a unique technique of "Depicting Glitter" with transparent paint on holographic materials, using motifs of everyday scenes and universal nature. This method, which utilizes the refraction of light, brings up a glittering picture that shines in a rainbow, not limited by color. Additionally, by using modeling paste to create "empty spaces" within the artwork, visually expressing the contemporary world with its mixture of missing parts. With these techniques, the series visually represents the real world as it changes depending on perspectives, and asks the viewer to question the importance of consciously choosing one's perspectives.

The hologram material, a key element of this technique, was chosen because it matches the image of "Glitter of Something Special." This material has the transformative property of changing its appearance greatly depending on the light, and the ephemeral property of becoming just a silver color depending on the situation. This overlapped with my image of the word "special." In addition, the memory of Bikkuriman stickers, which was my original experience of collecting art works, influenced my longing for holograms.

I was born and raised in Japan, and from an early age was influenced by manga and anime works such as Dragon Ball, Studio Ghibli, Gainax, Sunrise, and Osamu Tezuka. Interest in rock music, including X JAPAN, and fashion design learned in university became the source of my creative activities. In my search for personal expression, I was influenced by Takashi Murakami, Yoshitomo Nara, and Yayoi Kusama, and became interested in contemporary art, being impressed by the works of contemporary sculptors such as Björn Dahlem, Anish Kapoor, and James Turrell. In the process of developing my questions and ideas into themes for works, I also became aware of the context of conceptual art in contemporary art, as well as the ideas and expressions of Cubism.

My motivation for going beyond the boundaries of two-dimensional works and creating semi-3-dimensional and mixed media works was to include a blank space in my works that changes depending on the perspectives. This approach is a part of my inheritance of the ideas of Cubism and the context of expression, and also overlaps with my concept of "Continually Challenging Myself to Go Beyond my Limits."

I believe that consciously controlling and utilizing "How We Choose and Perceive Information" will empower people to live in a more ideal world. I continue to work to convey through my artworks the positive feeling that everyone is capable of transcending their own boundaries and continuing to change.


[ Solo Exhibition ]
2023 [ Connecting glitter dots ] gallery cobaco Fukuoka Japan
2023 [ Orecho HONDA ✕ SUC ] Startup Cafe Fukuoka Japan
2022 [ Glitter of something special ] Gallery4830 Fukuoka Japan
2013 [ Thank You-! (FUCA Exhibition vol.02) ] FUCA BASE Fukuoka Japan
2012 [ Dig it! ] IAF SHOP* Fukuoka Japan

[ Group show ]
2024 Special Exhibition [ The Light - Hikari - ] tresallir Fukuoka Japan
2020 [ Gallery4830mix vol.01 ] Gallery4830 Fukuoka Japan
2016 [ Find the Answer to the Underlined Part ] FUCA BASE Fukuoka Japan
2014 [ MSB & MSB ] Gallery Towa-ru Fukuoka Japan
2014 [ Musashino Art University Alumni Fukuoka Branch Small Works Exhibition ] Gallery OISHI Fukuoka Japan
2014 [ Art After Ten vol.04 ] Tiempo Fukuoka Japan
2014 [ sigekiba arte Retrospective Exhibition ] sigekiba Fukuoka Japan
2013 [ MSB&MSB ] Gallery Towa-ru Fukuoka Japan
2013 [ Musashino Art University Alumni Fukuoka Branch Exhibition ] Fukuoka Art Museum Fukuoka Japan
2013 [ sigekiba arte vol.5 ] sigekiba Fukuoka Japan
2012 [ Minamoto Musabi Small Works Exhibition ] Gallery Towa-ru Fukuoka Japan
2012 [ TENJIN LABO ] FUKUOKA PARCO Fukuoka Japan
2011 [ Minamoto Musabi Small Works Exhibition ] Gallery Towa-ru Fukuoka Japan
2011 [ Fukuoka Tamashii vol.8 ] SOLARIA PLAZA 1F Zepha Fukuoka Japan
2011 [ Musashino Art University Alumni Fukuoka Branch Exhibition in Kurume ] Ishibashi Art Museum Fukuoka Japan
2009 [ GEISAI #12 ] Tokyo Big Sight Tokyo Japan
2005 [ GEISAI #8 ] Tokyo Big Sight Tokyo Japan

[ Awards ]
2024 [ SHIBUYA ART AWARDS 2023-24 ] Awarded a prize.
2023 [ Fukuoka Wall Art Project 2023 ] Awarded a prize.
2023 Prize-Winning Exhibition [ Fukuoka Wall Art Awards 2023 ] Artist Cafe Fukuoka Japan
Prize-winning artwork was displayed on a temporary enclosure at the site of the former Fukuoka Building.
2021 [ SHIBUYA ART AWARDS 2021 ] Awarded a prize.
2021 Prize-Winning Exhibition [ SHIBUYA ART AWARDS 2021 ] space428 Tokyo Japan
2021 [ Fukuoka Wall Art Project 2021 ] Awarded a prize.
Prize-winning artwork was displayed in front of Hakata Station in a temporary enclosure for the reconstruction of the Nishi-Nippon City Bank.

[ Art Fair ]
2023 [ ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2023 ] Marine Messe Fukuoka Japan
2021 [ ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2021 ] Hakata Hankyu Fukuoka Japan

[ Other ]
2022 Picture book [ Night Night ] was published.
2021 NFT [ Step by Step Series ] on sale.
2019 Started director of Gallery4830 in Fukuoka Japan.
2016 Played the leading character in Independent film [ Sentimental Journey - Asakura Gento Roman ]
2014 The Art and Design office, [ ORECHO STUDIO ] was established.
2009 iPhone App(my artworks) [ takao honda ] Release. Featured on App Store.

Participated in many other group exhibitions and events.

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