Design work

[(8×8)] JITENSHYA SOUGYO 2014.06.08 - 2014.06.29 update20151203

"Live paint & installation where the artwork [ Leaf Child are watching ] was born" 

This live paint & installation “(8×8)” was an attempt to paint to native leaves that growing the outer wall of the vintage bicycle shop “JITENSHYA SOUGYO”.

By drawing face and anthropomorphizing on the leaves, we perceive it as an element that enjoys the natural changes of life, such as "withering," and we can enjoy the changes in a short period of time.
When framed it, we will notice small changes that we don't usually notice.
And it has become one of point what was interesting that it was unpredictable that "how will it change".

[ Shigekiba Arte vol.05 ] SHIGEKIBA 2013.04.16 - 2013.04.22 update20130429

"Shigekiba Arte, Discussion of bringing in works by artists"

The exhibition is held four times a year with the theme of interacting with the audience through by artist presentations and discussions.
In Shigekiba Arte vol.05, Seven artists participated that who creating works in various directions.
SHIGEKIBA gallery was a very beautiful white space that white color was unified by wall and lighting and chairs.

From the beginning, I wanted to display previous exhibition works that FUCA Exhibition vol.02 "Thank You-!" in a format other than the back panel type.
Even the same work looks completely different depending on the framed, exhibition space, and lighting.
At this time, the works of "Thank you!"became more visible in the vividness of the colors by white exhibition space and white frames.

[ FUCA Exhibition vol.02 "Thank You-!" ] FUCA BASE 2013.03.15 - 2013.03.19  update20130429

"Four artists color the event space "FUCA" with the concept of "format FUCA" " <Exhibition Information>

This exhibition was a weekly solo exhibition by a FUCA atelier resident artist, The artists had been creating works at FUCA for one year since April 2012 as a production base.
This was a special space that used to be a clothes garage, We with that as a frame, Each artist has expressed own world by the concept of “Format FUCA”.
Also, it was an exhibition that had the meaning of a graduation exhibition at the end of the one-year occupancy period at FUCA.

When I was working on ideas for production, I remembered a lot of people I met while creating works here for a year. And I wanted to make a work based on my encounter at FUCA and thanks for FUCA.

At that time, there were many apology interviews on TV. But I thought I want more thankful interviews and stages. Using the backboards often used at press conferences and the like as a hint, I arrived at an exhibition in the form of a work that imitated the stage.
Then, the viewer was actually taken up on the stage and illuminated with light to become a part of the artwork, and the element of freely taking photographs was added.
Then, the viewer was actually taken up on the stage and illuminated with light to become a part of the artwork, and the element of freely taking photographs was added.And "Thank you! Wall" It was completed, it size was wide 360cm × high 250cm.

During the exhibition, we took photos of the visitors who came to the exhibition and imitated press conferences, comics, live performances, etc., and also presented pictures taken with instant cameras.
It was a very good experience to be able to play and communicate through the works and exhibitions.

The title is simply the word I wanted to say most in this exhibition, "ARIGATO-!(Thank You-!)" This is a word that can be positive just by saying it.

[ FUCA Exhibition vol.01 ] FUCA BASE 2012.09.22 - 2012.10.05 update20130126

"A new form of art appreciation, full reservation system Exhibition" <Exhibition Information>

The exhibition focused on appreciation of works in a private space, and was held in a style of one set per hour (complete reservation system).
Artists and FUCA members will take turns escorting visitors. Not only the exhibition space, but also a special bar lounge, it was an exhibition aimed at enjoying works in a relaxed and relaxing space while having a drink such as wine.
In addition, there was a guide to the atelier on the 2nd floor, And there were many scenes where people talked slowly with artists about the work.
The hurdle was high because this exhibition was only for people who booked online. But eventually we were able to reach over 90 people.
Thankfully, the questionnaire commented that most of the customers enjoyed the work, the space, and the conversation without feeling that one hour was too long.

[ Dig it! ] IAF SHOP* 2012.04.12 - 2012.04.29 update20120616

" "Dig It" means "to understand", "to like", and "to get into" in addition to "dig". It's also in the name of the Beatles song"

Immediately before the birth of Orecho, I was very worried about creating my artworks.
I liked childish things, I watched anime well, and I still collect Bikkuriman Seal.
But at the time, the artwork I wanted to create was very different from what I originally liked.
And it seemed that I was trying to fill the gap, and my artwork creation stopped.

At one point, I began to think that drawing what I liked was the starting point.
Furthermore, I thought that if I created the work reflecting the influence of everyday, it would work better than I expected.

So I created several characters works considering my favorite form and settings.
Next, I came to think that I needed a Spokescharacter of me, Orecho was born by combining the elements of several previous work series.
When Orecho was born, I felt that I knew clearly what to do.

Orecho has the philosophy of "go beyond oneself" and a story of "digging into my heart and becoming a true self."
So I decided Exhibition title that "Dig It!". Would be perfect for the title of this first solo exhibition, mainly for the Orecho series.